MiniDis and sistercompany Totaldesk are consulted on a regular basis for enterprise grade datacenter grade network and server solutions. One of our power leading brands in this area is HPE. Together with HPE we have made a selection ready to use datacenter building blocks based on latest HPE server and storage solutions.

Tailored and sized on demand we deliver against lowest market prices available. Just ask and be suprised.

Below is just a subset of completely delivered and ready to use solutions for High density virtualisation or Intense SAAS solutions. These are proven configurations which are 100% supported and Guaranteed by Totaldesk and HPE Consultants.


HPE Entry level multi node / iSCSI SAN Cluster configuration 1802 - DL360 GEN10

HPE SAAS/PRIVATE CLOUD cluster based on HPE Proliant DL360 - GEN10 - Dual XEON-S 4114 256GB RAM per Server....

On request

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