eBox 3100

The new eBox-3100 is the smallest and most energy efficient X86 compatible mini-PC at this moment.

Without the overhead of a GPU and propriarity I/O ports it is the perfect unit for industrial control, monitoring and robotic control.

The 400Mhz x86 compatible CPU boots of a standard SD/SDHC card and supports Linux, Dos and Windows Embedded CE.

    Vortex86EX (400MHz), Onboard 512MB DDR3
    No VGA output, PXE Diskless Boot
    SD, SDHC support, USB V2.0 port x 2 (2 at the front)
    10/100 Mbps LAN, COM port x 1
    Auto Power On support, Ultra low power (consumption less than 2.3W)
    VESA mount 6x6cm

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