eBox 3330 / 3332

eBox3330 end Box3332 series – Small I/O giant - in 166 different Variants.

Based on the already proved Vortex86 architecture, we introduce you the new Microsoft Windows 7 compatible eBox3330DX2 series. The eBox3330DX2 has an improved SoC with a very flexible set of I/O options. Up to 4 Full COM ports configurable in standard RS-232, RS422 or RS485. Combinations of different COM ports is possible.
Other features include: Up to 2GB RAM. Optional 2nd 1GB LAN port. Internal SATA (for SATA DOM or full 2.5inch internal Harddrive/SSD. 4xUSB2.0 , SD Card slot.
Also new is the possibility for a HDMI Display interface and the support for Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows CE 7.



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