EBOX-3360 / 3362

eBox3360 end Box3362 Dual Core series – Small I/O giant - in 300+ different Variants.

With its new Vortex86DX3 and first Dual Core SoC, the new ebox 3360 and 3362 series finally introduce Dual CPU core, DDR3 RAM which improves performance as much as 150-200%, New I/O options are SIMCARD, mPCI, CANBUS and 3xLAN options.

These new features make the eBox3362DX3 series the most durable, in any desirable I/O config and low power industrial mini-pc at this moment.

The eBox3360DX3 has an improved SoC with a very flexible set of I/O options. Up to 6 Full COM ports configurable in standard RS-232, RS422 or RS485. Combinations of different COM ports is possible.
Other features include: Up to 2GB DDR3 RAM. Optional 2nd 1GB LAN port. Internal SATA (for SATA DOM or full 2.5inch internal Harddrive/SSD. 4xUSB2.0 , SD Card slot.
Also new is the possibility for a HDMI Display interface and the support for Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows CE 7.



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