fit-PC2 Based on AMD G-T40E, G-T40N, G-T44R and G-T56N series with both single or dual core CPU combined with a Radeon GPU HD6250, HD6290 or HD6320 , this new sleek designed fanless mini-PC has a supreme graphic performance, compared to its predecessors.

Equiped with both DisplayPort (2560x1600) and HDMI 1.3a (1920x1200), dual USB3.0 and many more I/O ports, including 7.1 channel S/PDIF audio, the fit-PC3 is a mini media monster, perfectly suited for narrow casting and other commercial applications. Glomos offers the fit-PC3 to its partner/reseller channel as the most powerful non- Intel mini-PC platform. The fit-PC3 is available in 4 different models with some flexible (some future) options like multiple LAN, etc.

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